Hello and welcome! Hopefully, this will be the first of many posts that you will find interesting enough to read to the end. My name is Amy and I am the Director of Business Development at Tribloom. My goal for my blog is to create an area of Tribloom's website that is accessible and can relate to the average person who desires to know more about ECM (enterprise content management) and doesn't mind when I go off topic...I promise to try and keep it funny and witty! First up: Alfresco DevCon 2010 NYC We had a great time at the DevCon! We were excited to sponsor the reusable conference bags and they looked fantastic...what can I say, I love our logo! If you attended the conference, don't forget to take your bag to the grocery store next time you shop. The sessions were great and we met many people from the US and abroad. We can't wait for the next one! More exciting news: Tribloom is working with Jeff Potts ofMetaversant (Jeff's company) to create the post-conference site where all the presentations will be available. Look for it soon, it uses Alfresco's new Web Quick Start. Michael will discuss it in his blog. If you did not make it to the conference you can read the coverage on cmswire.com by Marisa Peacock (CMSWire). Next blog topic: All my friends ask me what I do...ECM explained for non-IT people! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! -Amy :)

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