There are many questions you need to ask before embarking on a content management project. First of all you need to decide why you want a content management system. Are you trying to manage a large website? Are you trying to systematize and reuse content across an entire company or department? Each of these scenarios require a different solution. Most people are talking about web content management when they talk about content management. Web content management is a process to keep track of and systematically make changes to a website. You may have a product catalog or news stories which need to be used in different areas of the website. You are not as likely to care about reusing parts of your content with a web content management system. The other type of content management is called enterprise content management. This is used for multiple types of media, which may or may not include the web. It usually includes content across an entire company or department. The content is collected for reuse, quality control and versioning. This might be especially useful for a company that produces a product which requires documentation in many forms with some similarities to the content.

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